Saturday, August 2, 2014


Soothing your irritations!

Common Mallow,
Malva Neglecta

Soothing and softening!  
I so love this plant.  
It is everywhere as some might say an invasive weed! 
It is an awesome helper.

Mallow as I like to call it or Malva in EspaƱol, is a plant that you have probably seen or even had to remove to make room for your more beloved plants in your garden.  It comes up everywhere especially where we live and pass by.  Don't be so fast to write this one off!!

In Western Herbalism the common demulcent or soothing mucilage that is used is Marsh Mallow (Althaea Officinalis) for soothing irritations and irritated tissue.  I use it often.

But, I prefer my local Mallow!  It is so very soothing!  This wonderful plant is highly mucilaginous and nutritious!

Demulcent plants are plants that form a soothing, kind of slimy and gooey, film over mucus membranes soothing, lubricating and protecting irritated tissue.  The mucilaginous properties of plants get them into the classification of Demulcent. 

Mallow is used to sooth irritated tissue, both, internally and externally.  Anywhere you have a raw, scratchy and / or irritated tissue this wonderful plant will provide you with much needed relief.

Mallow helps in the Respiratory tract.  Very soothing to the throat and lungs.  I like to use it with White Sage for a dry cough. 

I often use it for problems in the Urinary and Digestive tract.  to sooth the inflamed and irritated tissues that accompany Ulcers, Acid Reflux and UTI's just to name a few.

If the tissue is dry, scratchy raw or sore Mallow will provide relief!

It is also nutritious and tasty. Use it in salads or as a pot herb. For food use harvest the leaves plant when it is new and succulent!!  

The whole plant, including roots, can 
be used as medicine for it's 
soothing mucilaginous 

I use the seed (or cheese wheels), 
To help break up stones.

As I mentioned this plant grows everywhere and in this day and age everywhere many people are very irritated and bothered. Which leads me to believe that in addition to soothing irritated tissue it will give relief to those among us who are irritated in general!!!!!

Just confirms how much the Mother Earth wants to help us be in balance.

This is a wonderful and very common plant that we can begin to use in our daily lives.  

Go ahead try it it is nice!!